Facing the river, the blueish tones acted as inspiration.

The home of our atelier, located in one of the Avenida 24 de Julho (Lisbon) famous lofts, even rented by that time, has been furbished to try to make the best possible use of the preexisting space — featuring a long form, and measuring a total of 5.5 meters ceiling height. For this reason, we opted for having shelves, which also helped to revive the dead space between the stairs and the wall and served as an exhibition space. 

The doors, positioned in the middle, served as part of the storage; the lower part was used to welcome our clients, as we have always tried to make our ateliers look like homes. As it was a rented space, we tried to do the max with a minimum budget. The kitchen was entirely remodeled by us having opted by wood and white, dominant, that helped to create a visual reading of amplitude and fluidity. The work area stood upstairs.The very tall zinc bookcase was also a striking piece.