A three-bedroom house, where a father and his three daughters spend their holidays, with exposed cages from the Pombalino period, which give the house more depth. 

The dining room gives access to a bedroom and in the extension of this dining room you can see that bedroom, painted in the same color to ensure the necessary harmony and the feeling of more fluidity. Blues and lilacs inspire calm and the all-oak furniture, except for the master suite where teak was used, emphasizes the warm atmosphere. 

The three bedrooms were given three shades of blue, from the darkest, almost indigo, to grey blue, because it's the family's favorite color. In one of the bedrooms, which has a trapezoidal shape, we thought of a solution that protects visitors from seeing the headboard, for greater privacy. The kitchen has a hydraulic mosaic floor, a table that supports those preparing meals and serves as a mini breakfast area.