This five-bedroom house facing the Tagus River uses green as a link to the landscape and in line with the green exterior blinds used in the building architecture.

Wood and lacquer combine with green, the master color, which is also seen in some of the decorative elements, such as the letters on the wallpaper, as if it were a page from a book. 

The same paper, in sepia tones, the light oak furniture and the lacquered wood are all options in line with the concept, in which minimalism should prevail, but without discomfort or coldness. The 110m2 living room has a 5-meter-long sofa, large rugs and a TV stand that extends to 10 meters in length.

In the kitchen, there is a graphic wallpaper and, in the corridor, leading to the children's bedrooms there is another one, but here the theme is more childlike, like an enchanted forest where a child runs around naked, and one plays.