A house with a unique natural light, where we took advantage of the building's originality, namely its 5-metre ceiling height.

The pine floor wasn't pretty and so it was given a light grey paint job, and everything around it gravitates around this color, between whites, zinc-greys, blues, in a game of light/dark, where the many books, paintings, objects of various sorts and provenances tell us that this is a lived-in house. 

The passageway between the living room and the kitchen has a staircase leading to the upper floor, which contains the 4 bedrooms and an office. Downstairs, the kitchen is U-shaped, and we've arranged a bookcase with books. In the wet zones of this kitchen, the floor is a multi-pattern hydraulic mosaic. Upstairs, the contrasts persist, such as in the master suite, with a zinc-grey wall, oak wardrobes with zinc-colored doors and a glass window separating it from the bathroom, enhancing the light. 

As this is a pre-Pombaline period house, one of the bedrooms communicating with the bathroom has a drawer bed, referring to the distant past. In another room, the locker-type furniture suggests an industrial style. In here, our eyes never get tired of discovering new features.