A three-bedroom house in a condominium featuring a minimalist interior design, with lots of lacquered metal, a grey spiral staircase and a living area facing the river. There have been created 2 living areas, a TV area and a reading area. 

On the same floor, there is also room for the kitchen and dining room. Here, we played with various yellow details, from the sofas to the lamps, including a bicycle, because we wanted to prove that yellow is a possible choice of color to have at home, combined with others. The upper floor has a master suite, two bathrooms and a second bedroom, the daughter's room. Wool is of great importance here.

There's a headboard made from a rug - and always the yellow - lots of paintings, lots of art, namely by the well-known Azorean painter Urbano, a vinyl on the wall with an illustration of a rocket in the girl's room, in a reference to her desire to be a well-known astronaut in her future. This house is fun, youthful, and fresh.