In this house facing the Douro River, with the Arrábida bridge in the background, with beautiful warm-colored wooden floors, we chose to keep the downstairs more neutral, the exception being the dining room, where there was a need for color. 

We used orange/brown tones, because the furniture is lacquered; the sofas in the living room are outdoors, and very comfortable, because we wanted to make a connection with the landscape, the furniture that supports the sofa is made of wood, and the walls were given a dark grey and taupe. In the kitchen, with the same dark grey as the dining room, the painting on the wall breaks up this neutrality, as does the yellow lamp. On the first floor, there are three bedrooms, one of which has been transformed into an office, and here there is room for details such as the dark blue wall, an English flag on the floor, the shock blue wall in the master suite, with a graphic wall due to the paintings and vinyl. 

The fun atmosphere persists with the asymmetrical bedside tables. Finally, on the top floor, which is reserved entirely for their daughter, the sleeping area and the storage area are organized to ensure a full and private experience.  This space thrives on small splashes of color, in contrast to the grey walls. The bathroom is large and flooded with natural light, which comes in through the skylight.