The client wanted a house with a distinctly Scandinavian feel and in her online searches she discovered our studio. 

The two-bedroom house has a living room shared with the dining room, and here everything is soft and calm, with the addition of white wool, carpets in various shades of grey and light wood combined with white. In the corridor, the carpet keeps up with this language. 

The yellow lamp on the dining table is one of the few hints of color. The sofa with a chaise lounge as a support, the Nepalese beds, and crocheted cushions, with a very handmade appearance, have all been chosen according to the client's preferences, yet she didn't want a cold or impersonal home.

In the very small bedroom, the natural light was maximized by placing a desk next to the window, as if it were a small office. The wardrobe has a coat rack made from plumbing pipes and wood, a large chest of drawers and a generous mirror. The excellent natural light and the proximity to the river are some of its other qualities.